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Experienced. Passionate. Diligent. Successful.


Midwest Business Advisors was created when Eric Christensen decided to leave his very successful and rewarding career as an operational and financial leader of an international manufacturing and contracting company to provide more focus on his children and their opportunities to succeed academically, athletically and artistically. Life is about finding success and our children are our true signs of that success. Midwest Business Advisors is built on four key pillars of success - not only professional success, but also personal success. These pillars have been the basis of Eric’s life to ensure a strong foundation of success in life and business. Those four pillars are Integrity, Honesty, Character, and most importantly, always doing what is right no matter the personal or financial cost.

Eric is looking to use his more than 20 years of financial and operational leadership to help companies at various points in their lifecycle and at various scales of size to improve, expand or sell their business. Eric’s experience bridges all areas of business management including but not limited to, operational leadership, sales development and expansion, marketing, project management, production operations, quality control, human resources, traffic/shipping, distribution, warehousing, strategic planning, ERP systems, and complete financial development and management. Eric has completed several buy and sell-side M&A transactions for various sized businesses. Eric has worked within various ownership structures including individual owners, partnerships, venture capitalists, private equity, non-profits, and as an owner himself. Eric has developed financing plans working with various sources like state funding agencies, investment banks, traditional banks and through situationally crafted seller-based financing programs.

Midwest Business Advisors is looking to use their vast business experience to help executives, business owners and investors improve their companies operationally and financially by focusing on efficiencies, profitability, and most importantly, value.


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At Midwest Business Advisors we know that finding the right operational or financial leader to assist you in reaching your goals is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to listen to and walk through your needs, the scope of your goals, and if needed, your budget.




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Eric Christensen, MBA

Started in his teens leading the ordering and inventory management of the various shoe and clothing lines for a local sporting goods store (where he implemented his first ERP system), which led to overhauling and reorganizing the parts department of a large automotive dealership (the job that drove him into business/finance), then that led to owning his own clothing business by the age of 21, then was hired to help with a turnaround and sale for a hospitality company before even exiting the clothing business, then when the turnaround ended he started working with a Venture Capital group to help a patent holder take a product and company to the masses which eventually led to a buyout of the VC group and helping the patent holder lead the company and the distribution of the products into more than 23 countries and to some of the largest companies in the world, from there he joined a company that was recently purchased by a private equity group to lead the financial functions of the new portfolio company, which opened the door to help the PE group exit the investment seven years later and allowed him to assist an industry standard bearer with buying what was the much larger company within the industry, once that deal was completed, it led to three more M&A transactions within the industry to create one of the most horizontally and vertically strong companies not only in its core industry in the US, but in the world. After all of that, he decided to leave the C-Suite and single system of work to help the masses (business owners, executives and investors) with improving and growing their individual businesses and investments.


Key Areas of Expertise

  • Executive Leadership

  • Operational & Financial Analyst

  • Turnarounds & Restructuring

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation

  • Organizational Re-Engineering Plans

  • International Distribution Management

  • Direct/Indirect Cost & Pricing Analysis

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Multiple Lender Negotiations/Relations

  • Health Insurance & Benefit Negotiations

  • Expansion & Acquisition Analysis

  • Multiple Buy/Sell-side Transactions

  • Multiple Location Management

  • Team Building & Coaching

  • Insurance & Risk Management

  • ERP/Payroll System Expertise

  • 401(k) Plan Development & Trustee

  • National Auditor & Tax Relations

  • Human Capital Management

  • Legal/IP/Patent Expertise


MBA, Finance

B.A., Finance

Activities & Affiliations

• 6-year K-12 and Technical School Board Member
• President/Board Member of Various Athletic/Sport Associations
• President/VP/Board Member of Various Civic and Non-Profit Boards • Licensed Youth Soccer Coach