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Professional Reference Excerpts 


It is my pleasure to highly recommend Eric Christensen and Midwest Business Advisors, LLC. As Chairman of the Board of a portfolio company Eric was an executive of, I worked directly with him for seven years. He is a true professional who brings exceptional financial acumen and proven operational ability to any situation. He can help a business in the areas of financial planning and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, operational and business process improvement, and merger and acquisition analysis. Eric is a quick study and brings a can-do attitude to every situation. He is willing to roll up his sleeves to deeply understand a business and work hard to make it better.
— Paul F. Murphy, Partner, Sentinel Capital Partners, NY

I have had the chance to work with Eric through two large M&A events, and his ability to analyze the business, put together reasonable and accurate projections and negotiate the terms has been unparalleled. His track record speaks volumes about his ability to be successful in his work and personal endeavors
— John Buchholz, Chief Credit Officer, American Bank & Trust

I have known and worked with Eric as both an investor and a professional for more than 10 years. Eric is a person of high integrity and has a unique set of skills that allow him to break down the financials, get behind the financials and apply that knowledge to improving operations. He can simply make a business better. A positive attitude and straight forward approach make Eric a pleasure to work with.
— Edward J. Drenttel, Attorney/Shareholder, Winthrop & Weinstine P.A.

I had the pleasure of working with Eric while he served as a finance and operations executive at a previous company he was with. I found Eric to have an excellent grasp of the business and he was also well versed in what was happening throughout the industry and the broader economy. This was critical in Eric’s ability to lead the organization through its peak years but more importantly during the difficult years brought on by the recession. Eric’s operational background served him well as he was tasked with developing and tracking budgets, managing expenses and looking at ways to return the organization to strong financial health post-recession while at the same time working closely and effectively with external lenders, customer and vendors through the lean years. Eric’s management style made his team effective and dedicated as he always approached key business decisions through the lens of “what was best for the business”. His financial knowledge and communication skills allowed him to effectively communicate and lead employees through significant times of change.
— Kari Henry, Partner - National Professional Standards Group, RSM (McGladrey) LLP

Eric has always worn several hats, and with an honest and open approach, he was always able to provide an analytical and thorough approach to things we worked on together. He has experience working with Private Equity groups along with private ownership groups which have presented him with differing tax management challenges. He has shown the ability to manage through profitable conditions as well as less profitable situations to find positive outcomes for all involved. His character, integrity and honest approach has always lead to an enjoyable and positive process with RSM and myself.
— Andy Capistrant, Partner - Tax, RSM (McGladrey) LLP

Eric’s experience in life and business speaks volumes of his character and capabilities. From sitting on school boards to working with State Government on employment initiatives, he has a wide angle lens for business like very few I have ever worked with. In addition, he brings together the mind of a COO and a CFO, and uses that crossover ability to make businesses successful.
— Travis Starks, Risk Management Consultant, Howalt+McDowell Insurance

Eric and I worked together in a client/banking relationship as the primary bank for the company he was working for. I found Eric to be very thorough, complete, comprehensive and accurate when he presented financials, performance overviews and projections. His work was of the highest quality, he demonstrated a very strong work ethic and was very responsive to our requests. He guided the company through a successful ownership change and greatly improved financial performance by successfully leading people to work together.
— Lynn Schneider, President/CEO (Retired), American Bank & Trust

Eric exhibits a unique ability to connect with the rank and file employees, and this talent fosters respect and enhances Eric’s ability to guide his peers and employees through difficult business transitions and through the inevitable challenging market cycles. Eric’s humble origins and incredible personal drive are evident in his leadership style and his positive passion to improve the lives of those he encounters in life
— Dana Rausch JD, Financial Advisor, VisionPoint Advisory Group

I have known Eric for over twenty years on both personal and professional levels. Professionally, I have worked with him on various corporate and business projects and he has always been very knowledgeable, cooperative and diligent to the tasks. Personally, he possesses the skills, determination and commitment to a hard work ethic, trustworthiness and professional excellence and would be an asset to any team
— Don Petersen Esq, Attorney/Partner, MorganTheeler LLP

Eric clearly demonstrates the skills required to excel in managerial and executive roles, and more importantly, Eric has shown a very high level of personal integrity, which I value in our top executives, just as much as their business acumen. Eric is a trusted professional and friend
— Jerome Henry Jr., President, Midwest Pipe & Steel Inc.

Eric demonstrates the following traits, behaviors and abilities: Honesty and integrity, Dependability, Timely communication, Desire to learn and grow, and Reasonableness. Eric cares about not only getting the correct information but also that he was ‘doing the right thing’
— Mark Ritsche, Partner - Audit, RSM (McGladrey) LLP

I worked with Eric under contract to build several pieces of custom application manufacturing equipment. During the fulfillment of those contracts, Eric was able to steadily guide us through their corporate mergers, manufacturing agreements, negotiations with new ownership, challenging manufacturing conditions, and hard-met lead times that come with custom equipment. Eric proved to be an effective moderator, a reliable contact, and a consistent voice in a tumultuous period.
— Craig Kilbane, President, Spot-Weld Inc.

During my long-term relationship with Eric, he has demonstrated the integrity and professionalism that is the basis for leadership and success in business. His insight and guidance has resulted in positive outcomes over time for ownership and the employees of the companies we have worked together on. By listening closely to all stakeholders, formulating priorities and objectives, and taking action to achieve results, his contributions to those stakeholders has been very valuable.
— Andrew Gellman, Senior Risk Consultant, Bearance Management Group

I had the opportunity to work with Eric when I served on the Board of Directors of a portfolio company owned by Sentinel Capital Partners. As Chief Financial Officer, Eric showed a high degree of financial competence. But beyond that, he demonstrated that he understood the relationship of the numbers to operations and profitability. Through financial analysis, he was able to find and exploit opportunities to improve the overall business. He also networked effectively with lenders, insurers, and the financial community to give the portfolio company the best available financial and operational management.
— Max Burnham, Former Fortune 500 Divisional President & Sentinel Capital Partners Portfolio Company Board Member


Please note the above references are for Eric Christensen, the Principal and Owner of Midwest Business Advisors, and are a reference pertaining to him personally and not the company or its business offerings.